Out of Echoes

Performance + Photos + Sculptural Bullet Armour Dress

Out of the Echoes is a performance and photo project set in one of the main cities of the Great Silk Road, Samarkand. Collecting the debris of memories that once breathed there, now just echoing through its walls, I explored the nostalgia of the lost city and forgotten in the name of progress. The Silk Road was the bridge between Asia and Europe, a cradle of trade and civilization. I paid homage at the mausoleum of the great Timur (known as Tamer the Lame), the last extraordinary nomad conqueror. A meditative dervish swirl dance was performed with the awesome backdrop, a major thoroughfare of trade and civilization. As I greeted their people, reactions were varied, an Imam rejected any kind of interaction. I greeted with cupped hands and reverential salutation, Namaste (I bow to you); as our hands clearly spoke of different languages.