No Man's Land

Sculptural Wall Hanging

During wars, the term “No Man’s Land” designates the transitory (on neutral ground) makeshift area between two opposing armies; the physical form of the term rapidly transforms according to movements.

The wall-bound sculptural installation investigates the emotional and  psychological states we experience while living and working in transitory territories; the non static, volatile, constantly shifting, mutating and in-flux space that Nicolas Bourriaud calls “mental nomadism” where “ trajectories become forms.”

With a past marked by personal tragedy and a year marked by a multitude of changes and travels, No Man’s Land, focuses on the sensibility of being ‘nowhere and somewhere’ within my own states of trauma and those of renewal. Traces of the past refer to emotional displacement, leaving marks and contributing to the mental phenomenon of shifts in consciousness. Precarious snippets of images that constantly flow in and out of the ‘present’ are somehow linked to the future, and to mental and emotional detritus.