Diwata Über Berlin

Performance + Video installation + Sculpture Bullet Armour Dress

Diwata comes to Berlin, a city of riddled with violence and haunted by memories…memories that tie us with a place, memories that involve or not, where we tell and retell our stories… what can be seen what is no longer there.

As I explored Berlin around the Landwehr Canal, I found the Rosa Luxemburg’s memorial, along the water where she was shot and thrown – either dead or alive. The memory of a political activist, feminist, and writer who upset society’s norms speak of society’s treatment of those with avant-garde ideas. With appropriations from the film, Metropolis, this video performance project attempts to connect place with its memories in the past as well as those made in the present.

This performance explores the relationship of trust between the man and woman echoing a landscape of memories within acceptable societal and political norms. Diwata is slowly lowered down as the man moves inches away from the pole, then when a final large step is taken away, Diwata falls to the ground in an instant.