Click.Share.Tag. is a large wall hanging made entirely of leather cut outs. This project explores the image-making within recent experiences of places as  transient spaces within the culture of attention-deficit culture.

Without the number of hours each day extending, information through various channels of media now come to us in hoards leaving some with the experience of the ‘overwhelm’. Some struggle to keep longer spans of attention and focus. Everything is quick and quicker, a sliver of this and a shard of that causing mental fragmentation sometimes reflected in unfinished sentences during casual conversations. We now need to process information at an astounding rate. To compensate for this, we develop technological human extensions like online up-tothe minute databases synchronised across all devices to aid us in filtering information simultaneously providing us additional memory so that our human brain’s RAM (random access memory) may be freed up to be ‘present’ at a certain moment.

Virtual lives sometimes seem more real than the physical life. Many have become more social online and through the web than in face-to-face encounters. How do we figure technology working in our lives? Sometimes it feels like we are run by the need to check up on our devices rather than allowing it to work for us. How often do we feel we need to check on our messages on our mobile phones? every 10 minutes? every beep, note, or ring?

Click.Share.Tag. allowed me some respite from fragmentation and stitched together the experience of the ‘overwhelm’ into some sense of wholeness. Yet over and beyond that, I ask the viewer to participate by posing the image of the photographer in the foreground, resembling looking through a mirror and seeing the the whole scene behind him through the viewers’ eyes. The image of the selfie-taker in the background echoes the request to participate and reflect on our views on our fractured lives.