Taipei, Taiwan・2019

The exhibition “Womensemble: Creating Female Subjectivity in Art” is an combination of the words “women” and “ensemble”, suggesting the power created by the gathering and connection of women artists. Thus, “Womensemble” is an exhibition that explores the self-affirmation and subjectivity of women artists, and the diversity of their work since the 1970s when the feminist movement began. “Womensemble” has invited 23 female artists from Taiwan, the Philippines, the USA,  the UK and Japan to work in concert with a gathering of female artists from the 1970s’ feminist movement. Through contemporary artworks, it demonstrates interpretations of both the lives and the social issues experienced and observed by female artists from different cultures and different generations.

This exhibition takes the efforts to increase the assembling of women’s art in the past few decades. Through contemporary art practice and exhibitions, we re-examine women’s life, thinking and emotions, and explore the role of women in society today.This exhibition comprises three subjects: “The Flow of Poetry: Fairy tales and Symbolism”, “The Flow of Weaving: Female Subjectivity in Folklore Culture”, and “The Flow of Ideology: Body Politics and Social Issues”. The materials and techniques used by the artists are many and varied, and include natural and recycled materials, clay, fiber, video, new media, mixed media, and interactive installations. The artworks cover subjects encompassing family, kinship, immigrant women, and cultural identity, as well as issues of femininity, the ambiguity of femininity, and social observations and critiques. Thus, this exhibition both brings together vital artworks of contemporary female artists and serves as a platform for conversation and communion; through these fine artworks, it builds a bridge between the interdisciplinary nature of contemporary art and the experimentality of craft creation, while creating a medium for the audience to reflect on the relationships between the self, the other, and society.