Nothing To Declare

Yuchengco Museum, 2011
collaborative performance by Josephine Turalba and Raquel de Loyola
I'm Coming Home, Installation, 2011

Nothing to Declare (NTD) is a Contemporary Art Exhibition aiming to exhibit artworks by international artists, who are enjoined to collaborate and interact, not only with each other but also with their host communities. The pedagogic / educational aspect of the project is an integral component that aims to conduct art educators’ training workshops, essay writing contests and artist talks for children / adolescents in high school and college levels.

NTD is a project that explores the creative process of visuals artists who come to Manila with their cultural specificities and span of professional experience that is varied and diversified. The project is designed to allow selected international artists to mingle with selected local Filipino artists and share their artistic practices and know-how as regards concept and craft. This exchange provides the starting point for pedagogical, art-critical and art-education activities.