Nantou, Taiwan・2018

On the 13th, the National Taiwan Process Research and Development Center held the opening ceremony of the annual finale curator “Female Subject and Creative Art Exhibition”. Chen Taisong, deputy director of the National Taiwan Process Research and Development Center, said that the exhibition was named “Women” and is the largest in China in 15 years. The feminist art exhibition invited 24 female artists from Taiwan, Japan, the United States, the United Kingdom and the Philippines to reinterpret the observations of life and social issues through artistic creations of different cultures and generations.

The ceremony was kicked off by two female dancers, such as the water-like limb rhythm, echoing the theme of the exhibition “Women”, curator Professor Chen Minghui of the National University of Success, said that the tide symbolizes the physical changes of women during each month of the physiological period. The naming of this exhibition, in addition to echoing the physiological characteristics of women, also refers to the pleasure that women are psychologically self-affirming. The exhibition consists of three sub-topics, namely: “Poetry: Myths and Symbols”, “Weaving: Women’s Consciousness of Changmin Culture” and “Stream of Consciousness: Physical Politics and Social Issues”. We hope that people can visit and feel in person. The creative kinetic energy of each participating female artist.


Excerpt from Yahoo! News Taiwan

Curator Dr. Ming Turner