Cairo Biennale

Palace of Arts, Cairo, Egypt・2010

The 12th Cairo Biennale hosts a selection of practices from four corners of the world. Artists and Art collectives responded to our concept The Diversity of All and Everything with cutting edge projects that explore the concept and deliver propositions that are both exquisite and personal. We aimed at and -we think we managed to create a fabric that transcends geography and ideology, inviting projects that succeed in interacting with the global audience while-sometimes-maintaining cultural specificities.

Her work was entitled “Ecdysis”, speaks of the process of dying and being reborn, psychologically and metaphorical losing and reconstituting oneself, re-creation out of and from destruction relates to a performance in and out of these bullet armour sculptures. Ecdysis is my continuous process of research in the nature of identity, the constant experimentation in life leading to an eventual discovery of the self.  The works consisting of five (5) peices were made from more than 20,000 spent bullets of calibers 45, 49, 38, 9mm, 22, 5.56, 308 and Shotgun shells.