Beautiful Life: Memory and Nostalgia

Myth and symbol as sources of nostalgia appear more real than everyday experience, which itself is beset by ambiguity and flux. The past is compacted into a cohesive, unitary whole that appears as a kind of goodness-in-itself-totality, above reproach and criticism.
~Ming Turner~

Territories, both physically and emotionally, a process of the mapping of memory and travel, both mental and physical. I am perplexed by the relationship between statistics, institutional documents, such as location maps,  and titles and numbers and the actual place and people who live there. Diwata is a goddess and guardian of the place – the Spirit – Genius loci, but, I dressed her with bullets. Diwata has transformed into the critical reflection of the place by warning and reminding people of who they were before colonial times. She insists on questioning, investigating, transforming and re‐defining her people’s identity today.